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“As part of our marketing objectives, it is critically important that we continuously work on improving the effectiveness of our online campaigns. Digital Excellence understands our needs and provides us with stellar professional display creatives that gives us branding consistency and incremental performance uplifts.
It's a young team with lots of creativity while still maintaining respect of our target group. You can always expect a quick turnaround time and solid quality.”

Thomas Røhr Kristiansen, Dating.dk

“Digital Excellence is a great partner. They always take the extra time to explain how things are working and what we can do ourselves to improve our webpage. They have optimized our online sale and given us the tools to be even more present online. We trust in Digital Excellence to always deliver the best result and give them our highest recommendations!”

Charlotte Sundsvald Christensen, Rejsecenter Norge

“Digital Excellence is a strong partner who manage to simplify what we consider to be gibberish. Our sales and business is growing steadily every week thanks to Digital Excellence. They have my warmest recommendations.”

Eric Thümer, Danish Tools

Our Services
Online Advertising


We get it, you want to be shown on the top of Google’s search results. We can help you design and implement the right Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy, that will ensure you a top position on Google. The way we see it, SEM is a vital part of any online strategy and especially important for all ROI oriented advertisers.

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Google Analytics


J. Wanamaker once said, “half the money I spend on marketing, is wasted, But I don’t know which half”. Today, we have sophisticated tools at our disposal and we have much better control over our marketing investments. In Digital Excellence, we proudly track, measure and analyse on everything we do, and we leave nothing to chances.

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We care about one thing when we do a Conversion Analysis – Will this result in more sales? We will go through your website’s data in great detail and point out exactly where you could optimise your webpage and your marketing investments for better results. We always rely entirely on data and quantitative analysis because data is always right.

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Google Display Network

Online display

Online Display advertising has become extremely fragmented and soon you’ll need a Phd in rocket science to comprehend all the different offerings and players on the market. We want to make it simple for you; just tell us what you wish to achieve and we will create and implement the right strategy for you.

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Youtube has become more than just cats and dogs on skateboards. Youtube has become an amazing branding platform with endless posibilities for  creative advertisers. At Digital Excellence, we are experts in Adwords for video (better known as Trueview), which happens to be the best performing video advertising method in the world.

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Facebook is the number one social platform and something any advertiser should take seriously. Facebook offers numerous opportunities for the creative and result oriented advertiser. Whether you want branding oriented advertising or direct sales in your shop, Digital Excellence can deliver a sound strategy and great results.

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Twitter is more than just 160 characters and an excessive use of hashtags. Twitter allows for companies to be present with precise communication to their target audience in an instant and thereby be perceived as always being close to the users. Digital Excellence possess the right knowledge to be your partner on Twitter.

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LinkedIn is for a good reason quickly becoming an advertising favourite of B2B companies. With its unique targeting methods towards professionals, you can reach a very specific target audience and at Digital Excellence, we always enjoy helping companies succeed on LinkedIn.

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Other services

Adwords API


Imagine if we were able to link our internal inventory system with Google Adwords in such way that all our advertising were updated automatically with the right price, targeting and message. Or imagine if users could follow their pizza delivery on Google Maps in real time. It’s only your imagination that sets the limit, we just make sure to make it happen.


Needless to say, none of what we can do for you matters, unless we can track it. In Digital Excellence our work revolve around data. That is why tracking user behaviour and collecting data is so important for our business. In fact it is so important to us that we have dedicated resources to only handle webanalytics, remarketing, conversion tracking etc.


Ad Creatives

You want to reach the right audience at the right time and with the right message. We understand that. That is why our world class designers are here to ensure that your ads do your business justice. Whether that is regular banner production, flash or even motion graphic videos for YouTube, we can deliver the message to your audience, that is just… right.

About Us

Why We Are In Business

Driven by the desire to help both established and newly formed businesses to obtain success online, three former Google employees decided during the summer of 2013 to create Digital Excellence. The purpose of the company is to create synergies between the online activities of businesses and their overall strategy.
At Digital Excellence we are motivated by helping our clients achieve their objectives and by getting more companies to understand the importance of having a strong online presence. We succeed with our business the moment our clients succeed with theirs.
We consider ourselves a trustworthy partner to our clients. We design and execute online strategic plans and take responsibility for them as if they were our own. It is therefore very important for us to maintain close collaboration with our clients throughout the whole process. We believe that integrity comes from transparency and therefore make sure that our clients are always aware of all on-going activities.
At Digital Excellence our solutions are always based on a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and challenges. We treat all online advertising channels as coherent parts of a bigger picture and we take professional pride in tailoring integrated marketing campaigns that are always in alignment with the strategic marketing objectives.
Meet The Team

Peter Crone
Marketing Strategy & Solutions

  • Online Advertising 92%
  • Conversion Analysis 95%
  • Business Strategy 88%

Martin Jørgensen
Marketing Strategy & Solutions

  • Online Advertising 95%
  • Business Strategy 92%
  • Audience Buying 88%

Christian Birkholm 
Business Intelligence Specialist

  • Business Intelligence 90%
  • Google Analytics 92%
  • Data Analysis 88%
Alex López
  • API & Services 95%
  • Python 95%
  • Databases 90%

Ana Moliz
UI & Graphics Designer

  • Adobe Suite 95%
  • HTML/JS/CSS 88%
  • UI Design 95%

Rasmus Crone
Account  Strategist

  • Online Display 90%
  • Youtube 88%
  • Paid Search 95%
Álvaro Vila
  • E-commerce Platforms 95%
  • PHP 92%
  • HTML/JS/CSS 92%

Darth Vader
Payment Collector

  • Telepathy 92%
  • Light Saber Fighting 95%
  • Mercy 5%

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